Book Review: Beyond the Regulatory Polity? The European Integration of Core State Powers

Hikaru Yoshizawa, P.Genschel, M.Jachtenfuchs

There is a wide belief among practitioners and academics that the European Union has nearly reached a ‘constitutional equilibrium’ through integration in those areas, which are directly related to market integration, while the Member States retain strict control over many other fields of public policy. The book casts doubt on this standard view, and contends that overt and covert integration is observable even in areas of so‐called ‘core state powers’ – namely military security, monetary and fiscal policy, and public administration. The introduction written by the editors provides an analytical framework and sets out hypotheses concerning the degree, patterns and causes of integration in the core state powers, while parts I to III consist of empirical chapters on each of the three areas of public policy and part IV deals with cross‐cutting issues such as differentiated integration.

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