GEM Book Series

The GEM Book Series provides a scientifically recognised dissemination platform for its joint publications and gives both the GEM and GEM-STONES fellows a unique opportunity to be professionally published alongside established scholars.

Launched in 2013 under the stewardship of professor Mario Teló (ULB & LUISS), the GEM Series has so far already welcomed 9 volumes, thus rapidly establishing itself both as a reference for researchers as well as a useful graduate teaching tool. Authors having contributed to the series so far include both junior scholars as well as established academic figures - e.g. R. O. Keohane (Princeton), A. Acharya (America University), A. Gamble (Cambridge), C. Lequesne (IEP-Paris), C. Zhimin (Fudan), S. Bava (JNU), V. Schmidt (BU), T. Risse (FUB), L. Fawcette (Oxford).

LATEST PublicationS:

Developing EU-Japan Relations in Changing Regional Context
A Focus on Security, Law and Policies
Edited by Dimitri Vanoverbeke, Takao Suami,
Nicholas Peeters, Frederik Ponjaert

Available on 16th October 2017 (Routledge)

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Deepening the EU-CHINA Partnership
Bridging Institutional and Ideational
Differences in an Unstable World

Edited by Mario Telò, Chun Ding, Zhang Xiaotong

Available on 14th November 2017 (Routledge)

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Upcoming publication:


Multiple Modernities and Good Governance
Edited by Thomas Meyer, José Luis de Sales Marques

Available on 15th May 2018 (Routledge)



This project has received funding from the European Union's horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Grant Agreement No 722826.