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Published 3 times per year, the GEM-STONES Newsletter includes sections dedicated to: articles by GEM-STONES and GEM fellows and professors from within the community, as well as invited external contributors; announcements for upcoming events; an overview of past joint activities; and news and open vacancies from within the Consortium.

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Feature Articles

List of published articles by members of the GEM and GEM-STONES communities and external contributors:

  • Fieldwork in Havana, Cuba (S. Ahmed-Hassim, July 2018) Read
  • On Academia, Mobility and the International Liberal Order: An Interview with PRIMO PhD Fellows (F. Albuqurque, D. Giese, E. Tafuro Ambrosetti & M. Valeriani, Sep 2017) Read
  • The End of Geo-blocking: Moving towards a Digital Single Market (G. Beaumier, Nov 2018) Read
  • Environmental Crises and Personal Investment Choices: Exploring a Difficult Relationship (A. Dimmelmeier, March 2020) Read
  • GEM Alumnus: On Teaching and Critical Thinking (G. Gayger Müller, Mar 2019) Read
  • A First Glance at the 2019 European Parliament Elections (L. Gelhaus, June 2019) Read
  • Diaspora and Foreign Policy:  The Importance of Creating Inbound Links with Homelands (J. Hasic, June 2017) Read
  • Marching for Europe, what a program! Next question: to where? (K. Kalomeni & J. Rietveld, June 2017) Read
  • A Research Stay at iCourts: Lessons in Empathy (A. Küçüksü, Sep 2017) Read
  • Learning to Teach: EUI Training on Teaching in Higher Education (M. Matrakova & L. Radjai, Oct 2019) Read
  • On Institutional Proliferation and External Action. A look at the state of Europe from Calvin’s hometown (M. Marchesano, July 2018) Read
  • New Academic Year and New Term of EU Institutions Start with More European Citizenship (P. Markovic, Oct 2019) Read
  • The Politics of Time (P. Markovic, Nov 2018) Read
  • North Korea And The Escalation Of A Global Crisis: Any Role For The European Union? (T. Novotna, Dec 2017) Read
  • Seasonal Wool-Gathering (F. Ponjaert, Dec 2017) Read
  • The Time for Europe? (M. Telò, Sep 2017) Read 
  • International Cooperation, Networks, Multilevel Governance and the Role of the EU (M. Valeriani, June 2019) Read

Reports & Reviews:

  • Report: Workshop on “Economic Regulations in a Digital World (G. Beaumier & K. Kalomeni, June 2019) Read
  • Book Review: Assessing the European Neighbourhood Policy: Perspectives from the literature (M.Matrakova & J. Wolfschwenger, Sep 2017) Read
  • Book Review: ‘The Routledge Handbook of JHA Research (E. Narminio, Mar 2019) Read
  • Report: ‘EU-ASEAN Young Leaders Forum (G. Tercovich, Apr 2018) Read
  • Book Review: Deepening the EU-China Partnership. Bridging Institutional and Ideational Differences in an Unstable World (M. Valeriani, Dec 2017) Read
  • Book Review: Multiple Modernities and Good Governance (G. Vezzani, July 2018) Read
  • Book Review: Deepening the EU-China Partnership. Bridging Institutional and Ideational Differences in an Unstable World (C. Zhang, Dec 2017) Read


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