Book Review: Experiencing European Integration: Transnational Lives and European Identity

Hikaru Yoshizawa, Theresa Kuhn

This book critically evaluates and empirically tests the main contentions of transactionalist theory, which was developed by Karl Deutsch and his colleagues in the 1950s and 1960s. The analyses are persuasive and methodologically robust. The author has dem- onstrated the value of the guiding concept of individual transnationalism, which has allowed her to make original arguments. She also makes a reasonable and policy-relevant argu- ment that the EU’s educational exchange pro- grammes focus too much on university students, who tend to strongly support the EU from the outset.

Overall, the book makes a major contribu- tion to the literature by refining and empiri- cally testing the classic theory of transactionalism. It is recommended to both academics and practitioners who are interested in the EU and regional integration.

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