Book Review - Post-Western World: How Emerging Powers are Remaking Global Order

Manfredi  Valeriani, Paolo Pizzolo

In his book Post-Western World: how emerging powers are remaking globar order, Oliver Stuenkel introduces some innovative arguments regarding the future of world politics from a quite uncommon perspective for Western mainstream analyses. In line with some of the author’s prior publications, the main claim is that our understanding of the creation of today’s international order is limited, since it depicts a post-Western world from a narrow-minded Western-centric standpoint. In this context, non-Western actors are barely perceived as constructive rule-makers and institution-builders, because the West is widely conceived as the sole actor entitled to shape the norms by which the international system is disciplined. However, Stuenkel suggests that the study of the future world order needs to bear the inevitability of a bipolarization between the United States and China or even of a multipolarization due to the emergence of the BRICS countries.

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