GEM Research Seminar

Members of the GEM Community present in Brussels were invited to join a weekly research seminar aimed at presenting and discussing ongoing research in European and Global Studies.

With an eye on fostering greater integration and maximal interaction among the fellows, all GEM researchers present in Brussels were expected to attend regularly these weekly sessions at the Institut d'études européennes of the ULB. Further members of the IEE-ULB research community, other early stage researcher and academics from both the ULB and partner institutions as well as visiting scholars were all equally invited to join to enrich and broaden the community.

Overall, the GEM research seminar is a platform dedicated to issues pertaining to European and Global Studies where Fellows and associates can present and discuss on-going work in a supportive and interdisciplinary environment. The predominant format involves a presentation given by a guest speaker or fellow GEM student, followed by an open Q&A session involving all members of the attending audience.

To foster more visibility and integrate GEM efforts into a greater whole, a joint program was compiled which also included contributions from the Research Seminar hosted by the Institute of European Studies of the VUB; the Lectures series organized within the Francqui chair fraùmework, as well as as set of other IEE-ULB initiatives. Just as interested third parties were welcome to join those seminars hosted by the GEM PhD School, all GEM Fellows were invited to attend any of these associated sessions as they saw fit.

The GEM PhD School encouraged its members to try to attend as many of the associated scheduled events as  possible so they could engage with the different and often complementary communities each of them was set to muster.

This project receives funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Grant Agreement No 722826.